Conceptz Music

Conceptz is a Dutch rapper who mainly writes social critique songs. At the moment he’s working on his debut album called “Maatwerk”.

Through the years he was able to work with producers like QF (C.A.N.E, Mr Probz), Lotuz (Draztik Measurez), G-Boah (Far I, Sonny D), Taziyah (GMB, Pan Afrikanz), The Anonymous Mis (Postmen, U-NIQ), Markus Beats (Dion Mase, RMB, Black Wolture), Virus Beats (Ali B, Lost Rebels) and SoundG8 (Kempi, The Opposites).

He has released two EP’s, namely “Bars & Respect” (2012) and “Bars & Respect 2” (2014) and is about to release his third EP called “Bestemming Onbekend”.

Be on the look out!

“This is liquid, every flow is spotless..”