Biography Conceptz

Conceptz is a rap artist who hails from Rotterdam, a city located in the Netherlands. In the 90’s, he started to rap solo under the name of R.O.C (Ruggid Outstanding Conceptz) but somewhere in ’02 he changed his name to Conceptz.

He used to be part of “Draztik Measurez”, a rap group that was at the point of an international breakthrough. In ’99, they made it to the finals of “The Dutch Grand Price”, which is the nr.1 competition for live music in this country. Unfortunately, they didn’t win, but it did open up a window of opportunity. One of the opportunities was their appearance at “Lowlands”, one of the biggest and most popular music festivals in the Netherlands. Besides this performance, they had the privilege of being the support act for international artists like Xzibit, The Pharcyde, Choclair and Shabazz the Disciple.

The group disbanded in ’02.

Once again Conceptz fully focused on his solo project. He hooked up with a well-known and respected producer from this country named Q.F. They began working on his English material, but during this process Q.F. suggested that Conceptz should consider crossing over to “Dutch Rap”. Conceptz took this advice and ran with it. To his surprise the “Dutch” flow came natural to him and he got great responses to his new material. Together they started to work on a Dutch project, which sadly never got released. Some of these songs can still be found on the Internet.

Through the years Conceptz build up a name reputation, which didn’t go unnoticed. He had the privilege to work with producers like Q.F. (Sugacane, Mr. Probz), Lotuz, Virus (VSOP, Ali B), Postmen, Taziyah (GMB, Pan Afrikanz) and SoundG8 (Kempi, Jalise).

He has performed at hiphop spots and venues like Nighttown, 013, Metropolis festival, Live on the Low, Uitmarkt and Paard. Conceptz headlined the “Geen Daden maar Woorden” Tour and even became FunX factor.

In September 2012, Conceptz released his first EP “Bars & Respect” during the BoomDox HipHop event. In May 2014, he released his second EP “Bars & Respect 2“. Both EP’s are still available on Spotify and iTunes.

At the moment, he’s in the studio working on a Dutch album with producer 2Dope (Dion, RMB) and an English album with the New York based producer team Superb Elements (Ruste Juxx, Tragedy Khadafi, Grand Puba).

New music is on its way…

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